Melanie Smith – Float


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  • Name: Melanie Smith
  • Title: Float
  • Description: His photo was taken at the old Yarra Valley Railway Yard in Victoria (Australia). Old carriages, sleepers and steel laid to rest. I was drawn to a large pile of steel; rusted, corroded, paint peeling, wet and reflective. I found a section of the photo that was out of focus, giving the appearance of motion and of water and sky, like a view from a boat out at sea. This image reflects my emotions at present; swaying and swirling, yet the colours provide a sense of calm. It tells me, ‘Just go with it, everything will be ok’. Photographed with Canon 5d mkIII & Canon 100mm Macro lens.

Size: 20×16
Print: Digital C-Type archival paper
Limited Edition: 10 Available